The REBEL Way is a Las Vegas-based non-profit organization committed to the continued success of the REBEL Lacrosse community. 
Our Vision

To develop athletic performance & inspire character growth in all of our players.

Our Mission

To provide more opportunities for higher education to the young women of Las Vegas through access to affordable club lacrosse.

Donate today to join parents, coaches, alumni, local businesses and community leaders in supporting REBEL players as they take their lacrosse and life skills to the next level! 

Learn about the roots of the REBEL Lacrosse in this video about the REBEL Girls programme.

A note from our director

From a young age, lacrosse has been a constant source of support for me. From elementary school fiddle sticks to D1 two-a-days, lacrosse has molded me into the woman I am today. I felt a true sense of belonging and open opportunity to always better my best when I was among my family of coaches and teammates. These values are what I strive to provide to all REBEL players.


I played high school lacrosse in the Las Vegas Valley and know firsthand how difficult it can be to get noticed by college coaches when you play in a non-traditional area. In 2014, I started REBEL Lacrosse to provide young athletes from my hometown with the opportunities that were not available to me during my days as a Las Vegas girls lacrosse player. With a lot of hard work and support from wonderful parents, coaches, players, and everyone in between, we are really turning the tides when it comes to Las Vegas club lacrosse. 


We hope to continue to grow healthy, competitive, and affordable club lacrosse in Las Vegas. Eventually, we will extend the opportunity to other non-traditional lacrosse communities wanting to nurture the lacrosse and life skills of the youth in their community.


To all the young female athletes out there: No matter where you find your field, I encourage you to keep playing, keep learning, and keep growing in your own unique way... that's

The REBEL Way.

 - Heather Jack, The REBEL Way Director

ways to support rebel lacrosse
  • Monetary Donations - Help pay for fields, equipment, tournament expenses, coaches, and more.

  • Volunteer - We will need people power for fundraising events throughout the year.

  • Travel Support - Connections for discounted flights, busses, hotels, meals, etc. ​

  • Equipment Donations - Lacrosse equipment, sporting goods, and nutritional products.

  • Marketing - Membership referrals, Radio / TV / or Newspaper, banners & introductions to potential donors.

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how to donate to
the rebel way non-profit
  • Contact us via email: 

  • Send donations directly to the club via PayPal: PayPal.Me/theREBELway

  • Send checks or money orders to our mailing address:

    The REBEL Way 
    1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy. #440-274 
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