REBEl red

u-14 Girls 

REBEL Philosophy: Establish goals. Be yourself. Work hard. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Surprise yourself. Get back up, and do it again!

The REBEL Red program is for beginner to intermediate middle school lacrosse players. We focus on teaching proper technique of passing, catching, shooting, defensive positioning, draws off-ball movement, and more. Our number one priority with this group is to teach correct fundamentals while making sure the boys are having fun!


The first step to joining REBEL Red is to attend the pre-season player assessment. This is a two-hour group training session during which players will be evaluated by coaching staff. Visit our Events Calendar for specific dates for the upcoming season. Click on the "Player Assessment" button to view the online form, fee payment deadlines, and further details. 

rebel red coaches
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Head Coach


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Goalie Coach


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Strength & Conditioning Coach